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Sunday 13 July 2014

Violet Helleborines and butterflies in New England Wood in the High Weald of Sussex

Saturday 12th July and two plants of Violet Helleborines were in bud 50m apart in this Sussex wood.
One is adjacent to a path used by various dog walkers, including one with five loose dogs.  This flower may be lucky to avoid trampling.

 A chewed up tennis ball was near this second plant -- thrown perhaps to encourage a dog to run loose through the undergrowth disturbing nesting birds (a possible contributing factor in their decline) and putting rare plants at risk of trampling.

The above sign is in Nymans Woods a few miles away and a similar habitat to New England Wood.
Dozens of Meadow Browns were flying around.
And in this sunny glade a pair of Commas were fighting for the territory.

 One of many Meadow Browns above and a Spindle tree with berries in the same glade.

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