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Thursday, 11 June 2020

Goldfinches hate cats. They love cat's-ears seeds. A Sussex garden today.

 A greenfinch was eating the leaves of Cat's-ear. describes an illustrated talk of the evolution of the garden to its present state.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Wolstonbury Hill, Nature walk, 2nd June 2020

 Butterfly orchids were in their prime this day.
All the pictures were taken from the paths and mostly with a zoom lens to avoid flattening dozens of orchids to photograph the best one.  Sadly one sees that too often.

Butterfly orchids in a "forest" of Common Twayblades.

 Early-purple orchids had gone over except an occasional late one in the shade.

Fly orchid

Fragrant orchid

Dyer's greenweed, Genista tinctoria

Dyer's greenweed, Genista tinctoria

Meadow Brown

Grass-veneer moth

Grass-veneer moth

 Spotted Crane-fly, Nephrotoma crocata copulating.

 Adonis Blue butterfly, female.

 Small Heath butterfly.
 Beware this prehistoric monstrous serpent lurking in the woods.

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