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Sunday 23 September 2007

Blunts Wood and Paiges Meadows

Phil Haskell from Sussex Wildlife Trust

On Sunday 23 September 2007, Phil lead an informative and entertaining walk on Autumn Harvest & Ecosystems, captivating his audience of all ages -- from 4 to 54....ish!

Make a note for Sunday 21 October when Phil returns for a walk on "Tracks and signs" at 14.30hr from the car park in Blunts Wood Crescent.

This is a wasp spider, which has recently entered the UK from the Mediterranean area and feeds on grass hoppers.
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Alder trees near the stream are a fine sight.

Young Claire's and Ben's fine collections of fruits and seeds.

It was a busy Saturday morning on 22 September 2007 when "Friends of Blunts Wood & Paiges Meadows" cleared brambles away from the benches, collected litter and repaired steps.
What a fine job Jan and Jim are doing here.

The next fun day for "The Friends..." is
Saturday 20 October for path laying and/or tree planting. So much more enjoyable than a gym'!

Why not come along for the fun?
Email me for further info' or call Terry Gillard our youthful and dynamic Chairman on 01444 451 737 .

Monday 17 September 2007

Downlands Circular with Mid Sussex Ramblers

Sunday 16 September 2007

Setting off out of Rodmell on this 10 mile walk, there were great plants on the track side; teasels, burdock and a Great Mullein made a fine sight.

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Above is the view above Telscombe and left is a little further on.

Lovely views towards Seaford from this hill top. This is the view in the middle of the panorama picture below. This panorama shot is more than 180 degrees, which does look strange unless you pan across it.

"Sussexrambler" on our lunch break.

Spectacular views over Lewes and in close up on the castle. Click on the pictures to expand.

Barbara and Penny on the South Downs way as we descended back to Rodmell.

With stunning views all along the Sussex Downs and coastline, this was a great walk, with thanks due once again to Bernard and Barbara.

Friday 7 September 2007


Autumn is approaching,
despite the glorious weather this Friday 7 September.

Setting out from Horsted Keynes northwards, then across a bit of the Sussex Border path before heading south east to Highbrook, we had no idea what Autumn spectacles were to be revealed. In fact we found a pair of prescription spectacles in a field, which are now at Haywards Heath police Station, if you have lost them. Prior to arriving at this village, there was such a commotion from what sounded like a family of buzzards, that I could only assume (but could not see) that there was a nest with fledgling birds nearby.

Anyway, it was the churchyard which had what I believe might be a lot of Autumn Lady's Tresses orchids.

David Lang, in his book "Wild orchids of Sussex" ISBN 0-9533493-3-0 describes something very similar to what we saw. I was confused by the absence of leaves though. Is this a saprophytic plant? No. Lang comments that it flowers mid August to late September .....on chalk Downs, lawns and cemeteries .... and the leaves are gone by flowering time.
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A really beautiful sight.
And a very pleasant stroll back to Horsted Keynes on a very warm afternoon.

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