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Monday 31 March 2014

Cuckfield European Association trip to St Omer, Saturday 29th March 2014

Enthusiastically lead by our Chairman, Andrew we enjoyed a great time in St Omer; a day which was expertly organised by Christian.  Thank you both!
Mind how you get off the bus!
Which way do we go Andrew?

Plenty of very fine restaurants around the town center.
There is a distinctly Flemish feel to the town.
The Gothic church was awesome.

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After our visit to the town and lunch we visited the factory making glassware in enormous automated quantities.
Above, the happy group in St Omer.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Toothwort in the Long Plantation, Kingswood, Surrey on 22rd March 2014

 Toothwort is a parasitic plant -- on hazel in this location.  It has no leaves or chlorophyll.
 You only see it when flowers.  The rest of the year its fleshy shoots are below ground feeding on the hazel roots.

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