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Sunday, 1 June 2008

A Quaker Trail... in the steps of William Penn

This was a fascinating 9 miles walk, lead by Alison on Sunday 31st May... assisted by Barry and John. It was from the Mid Sussex Ramblers' walks program.

Lying in the shelter of the South Downs, this quiet corner of West Sussex was once the home of William Penn -- a Quaker and the founder of Pennsylvania in North America. Because the Quakers' beliefs were at variance with the Established Church, they were persecuted and accused of a multitude of terrible crimes against both the Crown and the common people.

William Penn lived in Warminghurst Place, where he had the first stages of his idea for a settlement in the New World. His house was destroyed in 1702 in an attempt to eradicate all trace of Quaker presence in the village.

Warminghurst church
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Body texts in colour, link to external web sites.

Inside Warminghurst church
Walking towards Thakeham Place Farm and the Pedigree Holstein cattle.
Thakeham church
demoiselle damselfly
The current West Chiltington church was built between 1100-1150. The porch is the oldest in Sussex, with woodwork from the 12th century.The wall paintings are dated to the 1150s, with some over paintings in the 1300s and 1400s. The colours are still remarkably fresh and remind us that early churches were often a riot of colour.

A break south-west of Ashington in near 180 degrees panoramic shot, overlooking Chanctonbury Down.

Thanks Alison for a fabulous walk.

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