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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Wednesday 4 June 2008, Cuckfield circular walk via Ansty

This 4.5miles Wednesday evening walk was part of the Mid Sussex Ramblers program of walks, I was the main leader for the walk . I suggested that we should spot some deer, and thanks to the eagle-eyes of Terry -- we did! There were 35 souls who set off from Cuckfield at 19.30hr, south - through the mud - to Ansty. David and Richard counted the number and Richard bravely volunteered to be back marker. These pictures are in Cuckfield churchyard .

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During the walk Terry was kind enough to lead an appropriate pace better than I would have done, whilst with such great team-support, I could relax and chat a bit!

Above descending from Deak's Lane on the High Weald Landscape trail going East.
Many of the group ended up in the recently refurbished Talbot Inn, Cuckfield for animated discussion, where the Harvey's bitter was just excellent.In conclusion, the walk could be considered a success due to;
  • a good turn out from the Mid Sussex Ramblers;
  • Terry's support, who gauged the pace perfectly and allowed the group to bunch up at strategic points;
  • Richard, who was the perfect back marker who never lost a soul: assisted by David who also kept an eye on the group of 35. Thanks to you all for coming.

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