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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Downs Circular from Jack & Jill Windmills

These pictures were taken today on the 11.4 miles route which is in the Mid Sussex Ramblers' program of walks for next Sunday.
Click on each picture to expand it.
Above is the view to Wolstonbury Hill. The walk has 535m of ascent and descent, which is the equivalent of walking up and down Wolstonbury Hill four times.

Dew pond on the South Downs Way.
View of Heathy Brow.
Border collie dog waiting for me to catch up!
These celandines were just stunning.

Plenty of fine views of windmills if you have binoculars or a camera with a zoom lens.
Four windmills and a patient dog in this view.


EB said...

Thanks again - it's lovely to be able to get some of the enjoyment of a walk from looking at pictures. I would like to join the Ramblers some time.

Sussexrambler said...

Thank you Emily

Join us on Sunday if you are used to such walks. Otherwise it is better to start with short walks and build up. It was quite a strenuous stroll in today's heat.

Best regards


Anonymous said...

thank you for taking me on a lovely walk. the views were fantastic. i loooved the new sniffs and fresh air too!
affectionate licks,
jessie james

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