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Tuesday 28 April 2009

Brenda's Fabulous Circular from Arundel

Within a few hundred yards of the center of Arundel, Brenda lead us to some beautiful scenery.

This 11 miles walk was part of the Mid Sussex Ramblers' program of walks.

Click on the above picture.
And a fine sea view as well!
Brenda leading her flock out of Arundel to the top of the Downs and some terrific views.

Click on this lovely panorama looking towards Houten, Amberly and Pulborough.

A view of the bridge where we were to rest awhile some hours later.
Some wonderfully pungent drifts of wild garlic lined this riverside path.
Lunch stop with first class riverside seating. Seat by the river Madam?

This lane was truly "cathedral like".

These shell ducks on the opposite river bank were a delight to see. They nest in rabbit burrows.

The walk started from the Cathedral, which is a lovely light and spacious stone building. After the walk and a change of footwear I was able to take the above picture (thanks to Autostitch). The Cathedral was founded by Henry 15th Duke of Norfolk, whose old established family own extensive estates around Arundel, and the building was completed on 1st July 1873, to designs of Joseph Hansom, inventor of the Hansom cab.
Many thanks Brenda for a very fine walk.


Nic said...

Hello Peter, I was just trying to leave a friendly hello but ended up joining your blog without discovering how to send you an email. I used to work for you and was just referring to you in a job applic as an exemplary people manager at Malthus in Stoke (I was a Kettle then), so I did a search on Yahoo... Nice photos, looks like a beautiful place to live, and walk.

Sussexrambler said...

Hi Nicola

How lovely to hear from you. You were a joy to work with and no doubt still are.

It would be good to hear your news; email me at

Best wishes


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