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Tuesday 28 August 2007

HF Holiday in the West of Ireland, 11-18 August 2007

Summit of Croagh Patrick, the Holy Mountain.

Mayo mountain rescue base

The pictures speak for themselves. It was great, with plenty of rain and bogs! The deepest I sank was up to the knee when I missed a tussock and slipped into the sphagnum bog.

Monday 27 August 2007

Windmills; a personal view

This fine smock mill in Cranbrook, Kent right, was renovated by Dutch craftmen.
The D'Oranje flour mill dates from 1734, in the Dutch town of Willemstad at the entrance to Hollands Diep.

Willemstad is a fortified town to protect this strategically important narrow waterway. It has been occupied by various armies over the centuries.

I rambled around the area in August when I visited my daughter who lives in this lovely old town. The pictures are from a walk from Willemstad to the Sabina Fort, which was built by the French to keep the British navy away.

Windmills have ground corn, drained the land and now generate electricity for The Netherlands.

Most of these pictures produce an expanded view if you click on them

And here you can see modern windmills as you leave Willemstad towards the locks which separate the fresh water of Willemstad from the salt water of the higher water level. Carp fishing is excellent from the Willemstad breakwater.

The road sign warns of dazzling ships and requests dipped headlights.

To my eye, these modern windmills are rather elegant and we should perhaps have some in our Sussex backyards.

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