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Wednesday 3 July 2024

Red Admiral butterfly, Blue-tailed damselfly and lots of grasshoppers at RSPB Pulborough Books, 2 July 2024


The RSPB have mown and opened a "Wetland Discovery Trail" and uneven path with open water across the brooks.  It is superb with excellent information boards for many plants.

Red Admiral

Heart shaped copulation circle of Blue-tailed damselflies

Grasshopper exuvia above.  They have four or more nymphal stages or instars, shedding the exoskeleton in order to grow bigger towards the adult size and form.

Arrowhead plant Sagittaria sagitifolia Arrowhead is a tall, aquatic plant that is often found in shallow water or along the margins of slow-moving watercourses. It is in bloom from June to September, displaying small, white flowers; but it is the arrow-shaped leaves that are most distinctive. Like other aquatic plants, it offers resting and sheltering places for aquatic insects like dragonflies and damselflies.

Among scores of Marbled Whites this one hasn't expanded the left wing fully.
Common Whitethroat singing gloriously.

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