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Monday 14 January 2008

Circular Walk from Cuckfield, Sunday 13th January 2008

This walk was from the program.

The weather forecast had been for heavy rain and gales for this day. So we 12 mudlarks were grateful that the rain came overnight.

We enjoyed a dry day weather-wise and some of us, a good wet of Dark Star ale at lunchtime.
Five miles before lunch took us through the Black Forest west of Cuckfield, which as Ray quipped, we should expect to be sticky!

Although dry, it was pretty much blowing a gale, as this flag on the Pickwell estate shows.

After a convivial lunch at The Ansty Cross, we slipped and slid our way for a further 3.5 miles, which was okay so long as you kept to the dry bits. There weren't any dry bits though -- but it was all good fun. Thanks to you all who braved the elements on this day.

A Half Moon Circular, Saturday 12 January 2008

We were all grateful to Eric and Celia for leading us on this delightful 8 miles walk from Ditchling Beacon down to Westmeston, lunch at Plumpton and then back up again.

Cuckfield Church from east of Ditchling Beacon.

Young Ramblers frolicking on the Downs after lunch below at The Half Moon pub in Plumpton. Click on any picture to expand it.

Friday 4 January 2008

New Year's day walk through German vineyards

German wine grower Karl Breth and I have been friends since we met as teenagers. We celebrated New Year together with his family, friends, my ex-wife and her husband and two of my children.

My journey to Alsheim included taking the ICE train from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt, which hit speeds of 238Km+ /hr (150mph). The quality of German trains is outstanding as is the value for money.

It was cold and very misty on New Year's day so pictures from the hill tops were pointless. This panoramic view across Alsheim and the Rhine valley from the base of the hills is worth clicking on .

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