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Tuesday 28 April 2009

Brenda's Fabulous Circular from Arundel

Within a few hundred yards of the center of Arundel, Brenda lead us to some beautiful scenery.

This 11 miles walk was part of the Mid Sussex Ramblers' program of walks.

Click on the above picture.
And a fine sea view as well!
Brenda leading her flock out of Arundel to the top of the Downs and some terrific views.

Click on this lovely panorama looking towards Houten, Amberly and Pulborough.

A view of the bridge where we were to rest awhile some hours later.
Some wonderfully pungent drifts of wild garlic lined this riverside path.
Lunch stop with first class riverside seating. Seat by the river Madam?

This lane was truly "cathedral like".

These shell ducks on the opposite river bank were a delight to see. They nest in rabbit burrows.

The walk started from the Cathedral, which is a lovely light and spacious stone building. After the walk and a change of footwear I was able to take the above picture (thanks to Autostitch). The Cathedral was founded by Henry 15th Duke of Norfolk, whose old established family own extensive estates around Arundel, and the building was completed on 1st July 1873, to designs of Joseph Hansom, inventor of the Hansom cab.
Many thanks Brenda for a very fine walk.

Sunday 26 April 2009

Wolstonbury Hill with early purple orchids, cowslips and wild garlic

After leading the 11.4 miles walk earlier in the day, I was anxious to see what was growing on Wolstonbury Hill, so I nipped up to take a look. The light was extraordinarily good.... this lovely view looking west to Chanctonbury Ring at about 16.30hr.
Danny House as I have never seen it so clear before, where the terms of the armistice were drafted by Lloyd George. This is a strange link to The Chattri (see next blog entry), which commemorates those poor souls from India who died in the first world war.
The cowslips on my favourite hill were a carpet of yellow as you look here towards Hurstpierpoint. You really have to click on these pictures to expand them to see the joy of these views.

Early Purple Orchids near the top of the hill looking towards the North Downs.
This is such a lovely hill. As you descend you can pass wild garlic in the woods on north facing slopes with emerging ferns in their fresh Spring finery.

11.4 miles Downs Circular with Early Purple Orchids

Having left the Jack & Jill car park and the busy South Downs Way with the speeding cyclists, we descended to the tranquility of the valley below Heathy Brow. What a joy.

Happy Ramblers on this Mid Sussex Ramblers' walk

Approaching The Chattri, there are fine views of jack and Jill windmills.
For info about Shah Jehan Mosque click the link.
Great thanks to Stella for spotting these orchids, which I and the rest of us missed whilst munching our lunch at the Chattri.

Click on any picture to expand.

Note the four windmills in this view that John pointed out to us. There is a fifth, Patcham mill in view in the opposite direction . Please see the previous blog entry below.

View of Cuckfield and Cuckfield church from the base of Wolstonbury Hill. This is the first time that I have used the Leki camera-attachment monopole that Bernard tipped me about. It is good Bernard. Thanks.
Ecstatic walkers approaching the penultimate descent before the quick hop, step and jump up to the windmills.
Thanks John, for spotting these Early Purple Orchids on the approach to Jack and Jill.

Acknowledgement; This route was from Ben Perkins' book "On Foot on the East Sussex Downs" ISBN 1 85770 206 9

Wednesday 22 April 2009

Downs Circular from Jack & Jill Windmills

These pictures were taken today on the 11.4 miles route which is in the Mid Sussex Ramblers' program of walks for next Sunday.
Click on each picture to expand it.
Above is the view to Wolstonbury Hill. The walk has 535m of ascent and descent, which is the equivalent of walking up and down Wolstonbury Hill four times.

Dew pond on the South Downs Way.
View of Heathy Brow.
Border collie dog waiting for me to catch up!
These celandines were just stunning.

Plenty of fine views of windmills if you have binoculars or a camera with a zoom lens.
Four windmills and a patient dog in this view.

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