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Wednesday 21 January 2009

Lyme disease and ticks

This week, the BBC Radio4 programme "Case notes" claimed that around 2,000 cases a year of Lyme disease in the UK were the tip of an iceberg as most cases go undiagnosed.

There are various sources of information, including www.

Borreliosis and Associated Diseases Awareness UK is a UK site with the most information that I have come across and is, in my opinion, well worth paying close attention to.
Click the link to become more aware.

Sunday 18 January 2009

Cuckfield circular walk via Ansty, 7 miles

22 brave souls slid their way through woods and fields from Cuckfield to the Ansty Cross pub before the final slide into the village - for some, via the organic farm shop to stock up on eggs and veg'.
There are fine views of Cuckfield on the way back from Ansty.
Click on any picture to expand it.

Friday 9 January 2009

Cowdray Forest

At this time of year, if you are very quiet, you may observe the wild animals of the forest. One here is in her winter coat, whilst the dominant male has kept his summer brown fur.

Click on any picture to expand.
The deadline is approaching for submitting walks to the Mid Sussex Ramblers next program of walks. So we decided to check out Cowdray forest south of Crawley as a potential area to walk.
This is a jewel of a forest and well worth exploring.
These magnificent pines were planted in 1924.

I had in mind a walk to or from Tilgate. Unfortunately, the public footpaths near the railway line resembled a rubbish tip, including the kitchen sink, a cooker and other detritus. So regrettably I am put off walking paths near Crawley in this area. The forest is stunning though - especially in sub-zero temperatures. I hope to lead an evening walk here in the next program, avoiding the public footpaths and staying on forest tracks. Join us then. It was a magical and beautiful place on this day.

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Paul's 8 miles circular above Sompting

The temperature was minus 3C on Tuesday 6 January 2009 when Paul lead this fine walk as part of the Mid Sussex Ramblers program of walks

The icy paths meant that we had no mud to contend with and only fresh, warm sheep droppings were caked into my boots' tread - good stuff for the garden!

There were fine views, despite somewhat hazy conditions, here overlooking Bramber. Click on this and any other picture to expand.

The 11th/12th century church at Coombes was a delight to visit on this frosty day. Temperatures were still below zero Celsius when we returned to our cars after a little over 3 hours walking.

Thanks Paul for another great walk.

Thursday 1 January 2009

Dragon's Back ... in preparation

Sussexrambler has been rambling in Hong Kong.
Click on any picture to expand - especially the panoramic shots. .

Hong Kong Gordonias, Gordonia axillaris, cover the hill sides in fragrant white flowers from October to January and are a delight to see and smell.

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