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Wednesday 27 December 2017

Carbis bay wildlife and views of St Ives, Cornwall, UK

A panoramic view of Cardis bay, where gannets, cormorants, gulls, a buzzard and seals were plentiful this windy day.
 Several cormorants and a gannet out to sea.
Great(?) black-backed gull and gannet.  See for more info' on gannets.

 Lots of seals.

 St Ives.
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Thursday 14 December 2017

Fieldfare and Green woodpecker sharing fallen apples this morning at 08.30hr in Cuckfield, West Sussex, UK

This fielfare is a bully when it comes to chasing off song thrushes and blackbirds but a woodpecker is tolerated it seems.  Click to enlarge the pictures.
Please see also for details of my latest talk: "The evolution of a formal garden to a nature reserve."
The pictures above were taken from this vantage point in the warmth of the house.
More than two hours later at 10.42hr, the sun is brighter, the woodpecker is gone and the fieldfare is still tucking in.
10.42hr fieldfare still eating apples.

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Solitary Fieldfare back again

 These three photo's were taken yesterday in bright sunshine.  It feeds for hours from one spot, moving only to chase off other thrushes: song thrushes and blackbirds.

 Pigeons, chaffinches and robins, it seems to ignore.  These last three photo's are from today in dull weather.

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Monday 4 December 2017

A solitary Fieldfare discovered fallen apples this afternoon.

A lone, Fieldfare in my back garden in Cuckfield, West Sussex, UK.
Spot the Chaffinch.
 It was feasting away and was content to share with a chaffinch in these pictures.
 A male blackbird, though was chased all around to garden when it tried to feed here.  This fieldfare was very aggressive towards it.

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Saturday 2 December 2017

A dozen or so Serin (or Siskin) this morning in Cuckfield, West Sussex, UK? ....... it seems not. They are Greenfinches.

Can anyone confirm definitely which species these are?  Greenfinches evidently.  And my thanks to Chris Barfield from the Sussex Ornithology Society for the correct identification.

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