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Monday 18 August 2008

Lewes Brooks Circular, 9 miles, Tuesday 12 August 2008

This was a very windy day as the displacement of the power cables shows. We only experienced one short but truly torrential downpour though, which was quite refreshing!

There were fine views of Lewes castle from the bank of the river Ouse. Click on this picture to see the castle illuminated in a shaft of sunlight.

Click to expand this panorama shot of the South Downs, looking westwards after setting off from Rodmell to the river Ouse.

Wednesday 6 August 2008

Loder Valley circular, 5 August 2008

Despite a forecast of heavy rain all day and my over-estimated distance (fortunately spotted by Tony a few days earlier), there were 13 of us on this 8.5 miles Mid Sussex Ramblers' walk, lead by me. We set out through Wakeshurst Place and around the Loder valley reserve. Ornithologists took the option there to watch kingfishers and escape the rain for a while. Lunch at the Half Moon or picnic at the cricket ground in Balcombe was another opportunity to dry out before returning via Bloomers valley, below.
The rain was not that heavy and was warm at 20C.
So it was a lovely walk -- no dust and no sunstroke. Great.

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