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Friday 30 December 2011

Apple tree pruning time

Some decisive pruning was needed for my apple and pear trees.  The one in the foreground in on an M25, vigorous roootstock and I have reduced its size considerably.

Similarly these apple trees were reduced on size.

The top was taken out of this Conference Pear tree.

Then a hazel bush was half coppiced and poles removed for climbing beans later in the year.
Other trees which have been heavily cut back include Amelanchia canadensis and Cedrus deodora.

Monday 19 December 2011

Santa Claus visits Cuckfield's New England Wood. The Christmas spirit is alive and well.

Party time again in New England Wood, Cuckfield and the volunteer conservationists are up early to get the fire lit.
Using the magnificent hand crafted Swedish axe, thoughtfully and generously gifted to the New England Wood Trust by Patrick from Brighton University, John demonstrates the ancient Viking technique of log splitting with axe and log mallet.

Now what did it say in the Swedish manual of log splitting?

Mike preparing mulled wine, and very good it was too, with a delicate smokey flavour difficult to replicate at home.  Herrings on rye bread, potato skins with homemade dips, salmon quiche, sausages, crisps, mince pies, Christmas and chocolate cakes were all delicious and accompanied a sufficiency of alcohol of various sorts.
Now that's a good fire and charming company too.

Who is the red-coated man emerging through the woods?

Well now, it's Father Christmas from Brook Street bearing gifts.

Ah! The joy of Aquavit!

Happy Christmas everyone!  Ho, ho, ho,.

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