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Saturday, 20 September 2014

An Autumn woodland walk in Shabden Park, Surrey; crane flies, harvestmen, diptera, Silver Y moth, dragonflies & grasshoppers

Beech leaves are turning brown on the trees and their beech nuts are crunchy underfoot,

Coppiced hazel shoots have been nibbled away by deer,

 Ivy flowers were being visited by lots of wasps

 In a meadow a Silver Y moth was flying around.
Dragonflies were active and a Common Darter posed, below, on a dead Ash leaf.

 This meadow was full of tiny Eyebright flowers.
 And Crane flies were abundant.

 A Harvestman scurried quickly through the grass in search of prey; unlike spiders it has no silk glands to make a web.

A tiny fly fed on a Scabious flower.
Can anyone identify it?

And a grasshopper tried to hide behind a stem.

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