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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Seaford Head, the Seven Sisters and wading the Cuckmere river at low tide.

After watching the nesting Kittiwakes at Seaford Head this group from Mid Sussex Ramblers headed off up the Headland.
The visibility was crystal clear with views back to Seaford, to Newhaven and beyond to Brighton.  Click to expand the picture.
We had met at East Dean and taken the bus to Seaford from whence we started to walk back to Cuckmere Haven and over the Seven Sisters.
Descending Seaford Head, there are iconic views of the Seven Sisters.

At the beach at Cuckmere Haven there are two choices;
  • Walk up the side of the river for a mile or so to cross on the road bridge, or:
  • wade the river....
As you can see, we chose the latter option.

Ian and Malcolm acted as "safety officers" to prevent any drownings.  As leader, I took photo's to show our elaborate safety precautions, whilst still ready to rush forth and pluck drowning souls from the raging, icy torrent.
L to R, Malcolm and Ian, stood in the foaming currents, solid like English Oaks, and guided the group safely across the river.

An exciting time was had by all.

Then it just remained to replace our boots and to head off over the Seven Sisters.
What fun!
There are further very fine pictures from this walk from Janice at

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