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Monday, 4 July 2011

Common Broomrape on 9 miles stroll from Tattenham Corner to Kingswood

This is a very varied walk.  And is one for anyone willing to take the slow train to Tattenham Corner, where the walk starts.
From the end of the line it is just a couple of hundred yards to the race course.
This bench, overlooking Epsom Downs race course and grandstand, is almost like a royal box.
From here we walked to Nohome Farm, Walton on the Hill, Banstead Heath, Lower Kingswood, Stubbs Lane, Babylon Lane, northwards to the wonderful Well Pub and over the golf course to Kingswood, where one can take a train home.  All in all, about 9 miles.

We ate a sandwich just north of Walton on the Hill where Hogweed Bonking Beetles were feeding but not yet bonking on the Hogweed.
Just before The Bell pub, which curiously is not show on the OS map, Common Broomrape was emerging by the side of the track.
This was very exciting for me, whilst Gloria had more pressing needs to utilise the facilities of The Bell pub, just down the road.

Although described as "frequent" in southern Britain, you only see it when it flowers.  It s parasitic on various trees.  It has no leaves or chlorophyll.  Here it was growing under Ash, Oak and Horse Chestnut.   The Brakespeare ale in the Bell was excellent.

Heading north from Babylon Lane we were within less than a mile from the M25 motorway with not a house in sight! 
The beer in The Well pub was worth the 9 miles slog to get there.

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