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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Karlheinz's walk above Karlstadt through forest and vineyards

Karlheinze's walk lead us through a forest bird nature reserve and along a national long distance trail.
A Marbled white butterfly above.
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  The view towards Würzburg.

The river Main and view to Würzburg.

L to R, Karlheinz, Silvia, Franz, Gloria & Devi.

Chalkhill blue butterflies mating (female on top), which gives a clue to the alkaline nature of these steep hillsides.
The same pair (with the male on the left) in a horizontal position.

A rare sight of a Red-tailed bumblebee queen mating with the smaller male.

To give you an idea of the size of these bees, I let them walk over my hand.

The vineyards here are too steep for any tractor to climb.
Ploughs, like the one above, are pulled up the slopes by a cable and winch from a vehicle on the roadway.
A plough and view of a lock on the river.
Looking north to Karlstadt and its cement works.
Just look at this display board.  What a great reason to return in May-June.
Thank you Karlheinz for such a great walk.

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