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Tuesday 5 July 2011

Path Clearing on the High Weald Landscape Trail near Cuckfield.

For four years I've been keeping the section of the High Weald Landscape Trail west of Cuckfield open for walkers by clearing the brambles and bracken that used to make it virtually impassible in the summer months.  See for the situation in 2007.

Some weeks ago twenty Ramblers from Mid Sussex Ramblers spent just ten minutes on a walk to cut bracken and brambles on this section of path.  That was a great help. My thanks to all who participated.
Some months on and the bracken is growing back.  Yesterday morning I spent some time with a scythe to cut the bracken; a task made easier by the previous cutting of the brambles.  Above I have started to clear the path.  The scythe is propped against uncut bracken fronds.
The sweat was pouring off me during this laborious work.  Now the other side of the path needs cutting.
I did remove much of the cut bracken but was too knackered to take another picture.

This section of path is now sporting wild flowers; Red Campion, Stitchwort, bluebells amongst others.

If dog walkers would clear up the dog excrement that they leave on the path, it would be more of a joy for all walkers.

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