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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Fox sunbathing today

What a fine fox.  She tidies up the garden well too -- especially when there are debreasted pigeons to be disposed of.  She leaves nothing but feathers.
This is the view of the fox from where the above pictures were taken. 

Techie stuff
The pictures were shot in RAW mode and manipulated using Picasa.  The camera used was a Panasonic DMC-FZ8 with a 35mm equiv 36-432 12xOptical zoom Leica lens. I prefer this camera to my more expensive DMC-G3.  The G3 has the edge in low light conditions like woodlands though.  Also its movable screen with a manual focus is the best for close up photo's, where an auto focus mode is less reliable to capture what you want to focus on.

Sunday 28 October 2012

A Curlew at Rye Harbour nature reserve, 27th October 2012

It was just freezing in a bitter north wind yesterday at Rye.
This Curlew was probing for food.
It seemed happy enough.

Camber Castle, Rye, East Sussex, 27th October 2012

A walk past Camber Castle. Rye, built by Henry VIII in 1544 is impressive -- especially as one realises that the following path was once a beach and before that -- below the sea.

The "waves" of grass-covered shingle mark the build up of shingle beaches, which left this castle high and dry well away from the original shore line.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Pedigree Galloway cows leave Cuckfield to go home to Sayers Common

The very fine Galloway cattle, which have been grazing in Cuckfield, left this week to go home to Sayers Common.
From just a few cows, decades ago, this fine herd has been built up to the substantial numbers that have delighted walkers over recent months and years.

For my part, I hope to see them again soon... except those that are sold for breeding herds in the rest of Europe.

Saturday 6 October 2012

Red Admiral feeding on ivy flowers today.

This beautiful butterfly was so much enjoying drinking from ivy flowers in the bright sunshine that it allowed me to get right up close for these pictures.

For information on the Red Admiral from Butterfly Conservation click here.

Holly Blue butterfly feeding on ivy flowers

A female Holly Blue butterfly was sun bathing on ivy flowers in the bright sunshine today.

For detailed information of the feeding habits (holly and ivy) and life of the Holly Blue click here.

Friday 5 October 2012

Apple tree blooming in October!

This apple tree is an Egremont Russet on an M25 rootstock.  Grass clippings are piled up around it to suppress weeds organically -- except the self-sown beetroot and rocket.  Birds and the foxes dig up the composting clippings for worms.  It's all very synergistic.
The poor apple tree is confused by the weather.  It thinks that it is Spring already and has started to bloom!  What this will mean for next year's apple crop remains to be seen.

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