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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Bracken & brambles clearing with a Morris Dunsford Long-handled billhook on the High Weald Landscape trail, west of Cuckfield, West Sussex

 It was hot and humid this afternoon and the High Weald Landscape trail, west of Cuckfield is getting a little overgrown.  I've been attacking the bracken and brambles here for many years and both plants are under reasonable control.  The path was impenetrable years ago in the summer months.  The picture above was taken after I had started with a new tool; a Morris Dunsford Long-handled billhook.
 After forty minutes of heavy labour, sweating profusely and being attacked by horseflies, (I killed six before they got me!) I had cleared a good section right back to the wire fences on both sides of the path,
 The Morris Dunsford Long-handled billhook is a heavy tool to use.  But hey!  Some people pay money to lift weights in a gym!  With this tool the weight lifting comes for fee!
I found it most effective to swing it hard in a 180 degree arc using the sharp straight edge, reverse the tool and swing it back again using the same sharp edge.  It has so much momentum that it slices through the undergrowth and brush.  In the past I have used a scythe, which is also very effective -- except with very large brambles and small shrubs; they needed loppers.  With the Morris Dunsford Long-handled billhook you won't need to take loppers with you.  It was amazing what this can deal with.
For anyone wanting to help keep our public footpaths free from encroaching undergrowth this tool is a great workout and highly effective.

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