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Monday, 8 June 2015

Native orchids of Sussex in flower now; Early-purple, Common Twayblade, Greater Butterfly-orchid, Common Spotted orchid, White Helleborine, and Fragrant Orchids.

 At this secret location in Sussex, a few Early-purple orchids were still flowering yesterday.
And in the background you can see Butterfly orchids and a "forest" of Common Twayblades.
 The Greater Butterfly-orchids are spectacular.  Their white colour and scent attract pollinating night flying moths.

 Common Twayblades are majestic in this place.
The name is a corruption of the old Norse for "two leaves" -- a remnant of the Viking invasions of Britain.
 Common Spotted-orchid flowers are just starting to open in places and will be at their best as the summer progresses.

A Common Spotted-orchid above with Yellow rattle in the background.

 White Helleborines are in full flower; here framed by a host of Common Twayblades.

More Twayblades for good measure.

 In a sunnier spot, Fragrant Orchids were just opening.
Should you be interested in a talk on these and other orchids of Sussex, Surrey and Kent, please see   Or for a party of fit walkers looking for a guide, please see  In any case, enjoy these lovely flowers and the beautiful countryside at this time of year.

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