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Friday, 7 September 2007


Autumn is approaching,
despite the glorious weather this Friday 7 September.

Setting out from Horsted Keynes northwards, then across a bit of the Sussex Border path before heading south east to Highbrook, we had no idea what Autumn spectacles were to be revealed. In fact we found a pair of prescription spectacles in a field, which are now at Haywards Heath police Station, if you have lost them. Prior to arriving at this village, there was such a commotion from what sounded like a family of buzzards, that I could only assume (but could not see) that there was a nest with fledgling birds nearby.

Anyway, it was the churchyard which had what I believe might be a lot of Autumn Lady's Tresses orchids.

David Lang, in his book "Wild orchids of Sussex" ISBN 0-9533493-3-0 describes something very similar to what we saw. I was confused by the absence of leaves though. Is this a saprophytic plant? No. Lang comments that it flowers mid August to late September .....on chalk Downs, lawns and cemeteries .... and the leaves are gone by flowering time.
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A really beautiful sight.
And a very pleasant stroll back to Horsted Keynes on a very warm afternoon.

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