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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Insects on the South Downs yesterday; butterflies, moths and a Spider-hunting Wasp.

 The weather was hot and humid with a good breeze making photography difficult.  On a Hogweed flower was a wasp -- is it a male Ichneumon or a Spider-hunting Wasp?  I guess probably the latter.
 There were dozens of Chalkhill Blues about.
 This moth is yet to be identified.  Please let me know if you can name it.
This looks like a Chalk carpet moth.
 The "Pride of Sussex" the County flower of Sussex, Round-headed Rampion is beautiful now.

 Marbled whites enjoyed a Greater Knapweed.  Not the blood-gorged mites on the back of one of them.
 Common Green Grasshoppers lived up to their name in being extremely numerous in their hundreds.  This one posing elegantly on a Pyramidal Orchid.
Note the number of blood-filled mites on the Small Skipper above on a Scabious flower.
This walk was very hot and very enjoyable.
 As a bonus a pair of Linnets settled briefly on a bush.

Cinnabar Moth caterpillars munching through Ragwort whilst Hogweed bonking beetles bonk away unperturbed.

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