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Sunday, 25 September 2011

A walk from Kingston to Kew along the Thames Path.

Kingston Bridge.
We got here on two buses yesterday (researched on traveline) and planned to take a boat or two to Greenwich.
Our research on the boat timetables was less rigorous and we discovered that it was some hours before the next tourist boat boat was due. 
So we decided to walk a bit.....
The Thames path here is full of interest.
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Teddington Lock.

We detoured from the Thames path and discovered a surviving gatehouse to the site of Richmond Palace.  See blog entry below or click here to go straight to it. 

Please see the next blog entry for details of this Lock and Weir.

Below Richmond Lock some boats are left high and dry with the receding tide.

These picturesque scenes are tainted by a constant sequence of planes on final descent into Heathrow airport.  This tranquil path is also subject to fast cyclists who mix dangerously with pedestrians in my opinion.

Kew pier and a boat ride to Westminster.  Greenwich was abandoned for this day after this unplanned yet fascinating walk.

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