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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Walk through Arundel Park to Amberley and back: with more Bellflowers.

This lovely 8 miles walk, lead by Brenda, was from the Mid Sussex Ramblers programme.
From the centre of Arundel, Brenda lead us through the park to Amberley though stunning scenery and views.
On this day, I was interested to see how many Bellflowers we could find.
Harebells were abundant in these fields.
From Arundel we climbed up and over the hills in the distance of the above picture to Amberley.
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Half way round the walk and we hadn't found the Nettle-leaved Bellfower.
Everyone was well impressed with this very fine bridge built by the Queen's Gurkha Engineers.
Thanks Guys!  Your craftmanship is greatly appreciated.
On the lane approaching Arundel we came across two solitary Nettle-leaved Bellflowers.

The highlight of the walk was when a stoat ran across our path .....twice!  I saw it, thanks to Graeme, who grabbed my attention for one fleeting and very exciting view of this elusive predator.

Near the end of the walk we experienced a sudden, quite violent shower of rain, which could not dampen our spirits after such a lovely walk.  Thanks Brenda.

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