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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Four beautiful Bellflower species in flower this week in Sussex & Surrey.

The Netttle-leaved Bellflower, Campanula trachelium likes shady spots.  This one spotted yesterday in The Long Plantation, Surrey.  When not in flower you give it a wide berth as it looks just like a Stinging nettle, below.
Common Nettle, Urtica dioica is not from the Bellflower family.

Above is the sheltered valley on the north side of Box Hill, through which the zig-zag road passes but which can not detract from the beauty of the profusion of flowers.  Cyclists and motorists pass through without noticing them;  the world is more beautiful on foot!
This lovely valley was dotted with Clustered Bellflowers, Campanula glomerata.

The exquisite Harebell, C. rotundifolia was abundant today on Box Hill.  The unusual three  flowered stem above is from Wolsonbury Hill, Sussex last Wednesday.

Absent from our walk on Box Hill today but abundant on Wolstonbury Hill on Wednesday was...

...."The Pride of Sussex", the County Flower of Sussex, Phyteuma tenerum (orbiculare) the Round-headed Rampion..... just beautiful!

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