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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Native orchids of Sussex; Common Spotted, Fragrant, Twayblades, White Helleborine, Early-purple, Butterfly & Fly ochids...all in one walk.

This walk on the South Downs yesterday was just fabulous.  Common Spotted-orchids were just coming into flower.
Blue butterflies were common.
This looks like a Common blue.

A Fragrant orchid (?) was just about to open.

White Helleborines were in flower.

Butterfly orchids were lovely too.

The star sighting, which Gloria spotted, was this Fly orchid.

This looks like the last of the Early-purple orchids that covered this area some weeks ago.
Common Twayblades were past their best for their flowers.
What a great day!  See also   for orchids from 2015.

Special National Trust event 21st June 2016 : Orchid walk and talk see

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