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Sunday 22 May 2011

Orchid walk under the shadow of the mighty Quinag mountain

We stayed two nights at the Drumbeg Hotel.  This walk was on the 9th May 2011.  The nearest interesting footpath started at map reference NC 442/158314.  The hire car was parked off the single track road on rough ground under some rocks -- not a passing place and we set off across a ford to the mighty Quinag range.  With only one car this was a linear out and back walk under Quinag to the top of the pass where we would get views of Loch Assynt.  Click on any picture to expand it.
Butterwort in flower was just a delight to see... and difficult to get in focus in constant high winds. 
One has to improvise.

Alongside Loch Uidh na h larna
Heath Spotted-orchids enjoys acid soils (so is not so common in Sussex).  Here were swathes of it; heaven.  And very many were pure white, without the spots.

Passing the larger Loch an Leothaid.
Over a burn or two.
Climbing up against a strong, cold headwind with the sea in the background is invigorating and inspiring.
On the ridge, with great view over Loch Assynt and beyond. 
Scroll across the above 180 degrees panoramic stitched picture.

The view across Loch Assynt.
Now we had to retrace our steps back to the road.
On the way, I had to stand in a burn to get this shot of a bumble bee on what looks to me like a Marsh Pea.
With the wind on our backs and having missed the worst of the passing squalls on the way up, the return was just a long slog with the end only a few miles away.
Just a great walk.  How I love Scotland.

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