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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Butterflies of the Seven Sisters, East Sussex, UK on 29 June 2018 -- especially Dark Green Fritillaries, Painted Ladies, Marbled Whites and Burnet moths.

View to Belle Tout lighthouse and Beachy Head
 It was a great pleasure to meet up with Fran├žois Piolino again and to walk Crowlink - two of the Seven Sisters (Brass point and Rough Brow) - Lime Kiln Bottom - Foxhole bottom - Friston Forest.

White butterfly on Mignonette

 Spot the butterfly.
 A Painted Lady, an apposite butterfly to see on this day as tenor Fran├žois Piolino is currently appearing in Madama Butterfly at Glynebourne.

 Centaury with a Burnet moth.
 At least twelve Dark Green Fritillaries were flying around.  One copulating pair were blown out to sea by the strong northerly wind on their nuptial flight.

 Day-flying Burnet Moth on Viper's Bugloss flower.

 Small? Skipper.

 Large Skipper, Burnet moth and Marbled White on Viper's bugloss, Echium vulgare.

Meadow Brown at High and Over.
Marbled White with a parasitic tick at High and Over.

Also at High & Over, our County flower -- the beautiful "Pride of Sussex"

Also seen but not photographed were Small Coppers and possibly a Ringlet in the Forest.  Birds seen included a Flycatcher and two Meadow Pipits. 
However, the driver for this walk was orchids: Burnt Orchids, Pyramidal and Broad-leaved Helleborines, which will be covered in a separate entry.

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Anthony Bennett said...

Thank you Peter, I visited the Newdigate Brickfields today on your recommendation and following your posting on the SOS site. My target was the White-legged Damselflies and they certainly seem to be plentiful and showed very well.
A nice area which I think could be interesting in winter too.

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