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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Spectacular display of Fifteen Butterflies species, beautiful "Pride of Sussex" and other flowers, and other amazing insects on Wolstonbury Hill today

It was perfect weather for a gentle stroll across the whole area of Wolstonbury Hill, West Sussex today with François Piolino who had a day off from singing in his fourth year at Glyndebourne Opera House, this year in Ariadne auf Noxos.  François is a tenor who sings in opera houses throughout the world and who loves to return to Sussex.

As he says, "It is always a great pleasure to sing at Glydebourne -- and my joy is enhanced on days off by walking the Sussex Downs and photographing the many rare orchids, flowers and butterflies.
Today was very special with so many lovely things to see topped by "The Pride of Sussex" the county flower of Sussex.

Marbled White

Meadow Brown & Marbled White

François photographing "The Pride of Sussex"

Six-spot Burnet moth on "Pride of Sussex" flower.

The view to Chanctonbury Hill looking westwards.
Click to enlarge to see "Pride of Sussex" flowers

Chalkhill blue

Knapweed flower bud bursting open into an exotic flower loved by butterflies

Greater Knapweed

Pyramidal Orchid

Mating Six-spot Burnet moths on a chrysalis from which a third Burnet moth is emerging

Small Skipper


Clouded Yellow

Small Purple & Gold moth

female Common Blue?

male Common Blue

A large Skipper 

A Fritillary


Meadow Brown

Large skippers

Small copper

Red Admiral
By accident a photo' of a Small Heath was deleted.

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