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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Damselflies (White-legged; Azure; and Common) & Dragonflies (Emperor and Black-tailed Skimmers) at Newdigate Brickworks, Surrey, UK and some birds too!

 Newdigate Brickworks is a marvellous nature reserve: quite small yet with diverse habitats and species.
 The lakes are flanked by some mature trees and much bird life.
 Above and below a Great Spotted Woodpecker for example.

 The reason for our visit today was Dragonflies and Damselflies.  There were lots: difficult to photograph at times and I have no idea what is in the photo above.
 This, however shows patches of green and blue, which suggests it might be an Emperor Dragonfly.
No doubts here -- a Black-tailed Skimmer, Orthetrum cancellatum.

 Azure Blue Damselflies were abundant: scores of them...
copulating in their mating "wheel position".

 Common Blue Damselflies were a little less comon today.

 Whilst White-legged Damselfly, Platycnemis pennipes were relatively numerous.

 A juvenile Great Crested Grebe (above) and Coot (below) were on the lake.

 As were Mallards and a solitary Canadian Goose.

 A Morehen too.
 And a Buzzard circled the adjacent woods while we were there.
There is a convenient car park at the reserve entrance of this jewel of a reserve just north of Gatwick airport westerly flight path,  It is well worth a visit for naturalists of diverse interests,

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