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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

A smooth newt searching for dragonfly eggs in broad daylight?

 An Emperor dragonfly laid eggs in or on a dead iris flower stalk this morning in my garden pond.
That was a normal occurrence each year.
What happened next surprised me.
 A smooth nest surfaced on the stalk, which it crawled all over and around, in bright sunshine on the surface of the pond.
 Was it sniffing out a tasty morsel of freshly laid dragonfly eggs?  If not, as a usually nocturnal creature why risk predation from birds? For herons do drop in occasionally.

I have observed an Emperor being attacked and dragged under water by a gang of newts in this same pond before.  Whilst below, a dead Broad-bodied Chaser is being dismembered by a couple of newts as its juices are being sucked out by a pond chaser.

Newts are partial to dragonflies like this dead chaser in the same pond in an earlier year.  See

Perhaps this newt was simply looking for an egg laying dragonfly.  Its behaviour remains a mystery.
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