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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Fledgling birds in Cuckfield, West Sussex UK

The early morning is a good time to look out of the window for birds and this morning a Nuthatch, Dunnock and Greenfinch were hopping about.
This juvenile Greenfinch was crying for attention from its parents.
By contrast a juvenile Goldfinch was happily feeding on Cornflower seeds from a flower bed.

A fledgling crow has been hopping around the garden whilst its parents are making loud raucous cries from above and flying around it at a distance -- in some concern no doubt.  The resident fox may not need to go far for its dinner tonight.

Earlier in the week, Young Bluetits were in the garden trees.
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There was a bang against a window and sadly the next day the cause was evident.
A young nuthatch presumably didn't survive the impact.  Any more like this and I may put experimental masking tape strips on the windows as a warning.
A juvenile Goldfinch on 15 June 2018 in my garden by a pond.

Next update 21 June 2018: A Dunnock family in my front garden photographed through an upstairs window.

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A young wren has been flying around and keeps escaping my camera.

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