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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Some native Orchids in Piedmont, Italy this week on an HF holiday at Ca' del lupo hotel, Montelupo.

 Man orchids growing alongside the aptly named Via della Orchidee near Montelupo Albese in Piemonte, Italy.  We were there on an HF holiday and found these orchids within a kilometer or so of our hotel, Ca' del Lupo (which we highly recommend).

 On bare earth next to the road was this delightful specimen.  It looks like it might be a Tongue Orchid, Serapias sp., which are rarely found in Southern England when seed is blown from the Mediterranean area or Africa.

Within a couple of hundred meters of the hotel were these lovely orchids.
 Superficially like bee orchids they are Late Spider orchids, which are found only in East Kent in the UK and the population there is vulnerable.

 And on this roadside bank were Greater-Butterfly-orchids, which are quite common in this area.
Other orchids from other walks included Twayblades, White Helleborines, Fragrant (gone to seed), Common-spotted, and a very large orchid gone to seed and unidentifiable for me.
This is a lovely area for orchid-lovers.

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