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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Six native Orchids in flower on the South Downs yesterday.

In glorious weather yesterday, I meandered over a South Down photographing insects and plants.
Six native orchid species follow.
 Common-spotted Orchids were common.
Uncommon and unspotted was a pure white orchid below.

Bee Orchids, below are tiny by comparison.

 Fly Orchids are also tiny and very difficult to spot among other plants and grasses.

 By striking contrast, there is no mistaking or overlooking the majestic Butterfly Orchid.

 Twayblades stand above the short grasses and are striking in a forest-like appearance.

Finally the Pyramidal Orchid.  What a great day out.  Please see if you are interested in a lead walk in the beautiful counties of Sussex, Surrey and Kent.
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