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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Seven Sisters Modular walk. Sunday 18th May 2008

This walk was described as "fairly strenuous", which it is. It is well worth the effort though as the pictures suggest. It was part of the Mid Sussex Ramblers' program, starting at Beachy Head to Exceat, Friston Forest and East Dean, some 11 miles. Click on any picture to expand.The wind was a steady 20+mph, gusting to 34mph, so not a good idea to get too close to the cliff edge. Sadly people do get blown over occasionally, apart from the suicides at Beachy Head.
The temperature was perfect for walking, despite the wind.

This is a view to Birling Gap, where the row of terraced houses gets shorter as another house drops into the sea. It is too costly to attempt to prevent the erosion of these chalk cliffs.

Several cliff falls seemed to have occurred recently.

.Above, me walking into East Dean for a pint at the Tiger pub.
Lovely views from the bus going back to Eastbourne , below.

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