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Saturday, 3 May 2008

HF Holiday; Glanamara, 1st May 2008

Glanamara (783 meters high) is considered a jewel of a walk. And indeed it was on this HF holiday. We walked up the valley to the summit and back down the ridge, which is on the left as we strolled up. A clue for this walk should have been that we started from the wettest place in Britain. We were not disappointed. It rained most of the time. And on the top we had the variety of sequential hail storms. It was so cold at that point that Mavis wondered for a moment, lasting about an hour, whether she was going to live or die. After such a near-death experience, life takes on a new clarity and focus. And this on top of the satisfaction, nay joy, of conquering such a gem of a mountain.

The black spaces in these panorama shots could be cropped out.
It would have been a shame to do so though, don't you think?
Overlapping photos were stitched with Autostich.
A very pretty bridge to keep your feet dry.
Click on this and any other picture to expand.
Peter, our valiant back-marker, never lost a soul all day.
Nigel, our HF leader, carried a blue "Tardis-like thing" on his back, from which he produced gloves, hot drinks, extra clothing, and dark chocolate for his flock. There was allegedly a fold-up hotel in there too, but we never got to use it as no one actually went comatose. He did a great job in guiding us on this day.... a day that no one will ever forget. And one to look back on with great pleasure. Thanks Nigel. It was fabulous!

Views of Borrowdale and Derwent Water
A break in the cloud! Quick. Get your cameras out -- somewhat difficult with frozen fingers though.
Looking down to Derwent Water
Nigel was exemplary in making sure that everyone was happy,
warm as toast and still alive.

What joy to descend from Glaramara, in the distance, to an
elevation that could sustain mammalian life forms.

What a great day. Thanks again Nigel.
Pictures for this walk were with a Panasonic DMC-FZ8

There are also some great views from the top at

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