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Monday, 25 April 2011

Most unusual pale form of Early-purple Orchid

David Lang, in his fine book "Wild Orchids of Sussex" page 107 states about the Early-purple Orchid that "There is a most unusual colour form where the flowers are pale but flecked with purple, and the leaves are unspotted.  It is very unusual to find 'broken' colour in orchids.  This form has been found in Broadchalke in Wiltshire (1989) and north of Charing in Kent (1991).  It should be looked for in Sussex."
Well, Mid Sussex Ramblers have been looking!  And thanks to Tony Osmand yesterday, he found the following little beauty.  Without a tripod the pictures are not as sharp as one would like, but isn't it a rare delight?

By comparison, here is the common form.

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