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Monday, 4 April 2011

Learning plants and bird song.... one at a time.

Someone recently asked me how I knew so many bird songs (and flowers perhaps).  The answer is... one at a time.  When you hear a song and then locate the bird, you tend not to forget it.  It also helps greatly to accelerate the learning process, to go on a walk with Professor William Coleman with Mid Sussex Ramblers. So when I heard the distinctive song of a Nuthatch in my garden, I knew what I was looking for.
The Blackbird above, carrying a worm and searching for more, must have some young to feed nearby.
Above, high in an oak tree, is what a knew was a Nuthatch even if I could only confirm it with a zoom lens.  Once the oak leaves open such birds will be difficult to see.
A house roof is good places to see garden birds like this Chaffinch.

It flew off and was immediately and fleetingly replaced by what looks like a House sparrow.

Greenfinches, thrushes etc., go crazy for the fruits of the Amelanchier canadensis above in the Autumn.
Meanwhile in Spring it is glorious.

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