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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

All's well that ends well for a pair of Bullfinches this evening in my garden. He is a lazy bird though!

 Around 20:10 hr this evening it was a delight to spot a pair of bullfinches.  They have been here for some weeks but this has been the first chance for a picture.  The male is perched, top left on the vegetable cage.
The female was hunting around under a courgette plant.
 He didn't budge whilst she somehow got into the metal cage protecting lettuces from....birds!
 My heart sank.  How will she get out?  Will I need to lift the cage, scaring her for her to escape?
 She is collecting nesting material and fortunately easily got out through chicken wire at the end of the row.
She flew off with the nesting material and the lazy male followed!  Well, what do you know!
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