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Friday, 24 May 2013

A walk around Sierra del Carche, Spain.

The track from the metalled road takes an hour or more to get to the entrance of this National Park.

On the way are many Dodder plants.  They have no leaves or chlorophyll and are parasitic on a host plant.

There were lots of Broomrapes; another parasite which feeds on the roots of the host plant and only appears above ground when it flowers.  See above and below photo's.

Butterflies were numerous.
A beautiful Fritillary.

A Painted Lady.  They have three broods in their migration from North Africa to the UK.

A Marbled White?

We did a circular walk through the park.  The flowers were terrific and I took dozens of photo's -- too many to show here.  The track is easy walking and we just touched a corner of this enormous mountainous nature reserve.  Walk there if you can.  It is about an hour drive from Alicante.

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