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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Living with foxes... & without bonfires.

To the left of the pine tree, on top of a large heap of branches, clippings, weeds and grass cuttings are two foxes at 05.15hr this morning.  Bonfires are utterly antisocial in an urban environment and unfortunately there are a few very antisocial people here.  Garden waste, piled up, rots down fine over the years, gives wonderful displays of fungi in the Autumn and provides a secure home for urban foxes.
These pictures were all taken from a bedroom window.

They do a good job, from time to time, in keeping the pigeon population down.

P.S. Update at 19.45hr this evening.  Three foxes appeared.  One female adult with the lame left hind leg, perhaps hit by a car.  She gets around, yet lacks the energy of the other two.  One is clearly a cub.  It went into next door's garden, returning five minutes later.

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John | Fox Repellent Expert said...

Hi Peter. Great pictures of those foxes! They look absolutely relaxed and happy in an environment that seems perfect for them! It shows there's no reason why we can't co-habit with foxes in harmony!

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