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Monday, 24 October 2011

Circular walk around Norbury Park, Denbies vineyard and Westhumble

We started from the car park at Beechy Wood yesterday and headed North for great views towards Box Hill and Juniper Hill.

Mickelham village and church.  There was a steep descent to the Druids' Grove. Please see following entry for pictures of the ancient trees.

One of Denbies vineyards

Denbies, where we tasted and purchased wine -- two bottles only as I had to carry them a further mile and a half.

The rows of vines contained a lot of weeds.  Near the woods here there were a lot of ash seedlings growing amongst the vines.

West Humble XII century chapel

Common carder bee, a bumblebee. 

The start of the final ascent.

The view back towards Denbies in the distance.  This is a short (c.5miles) walk and is a very pleasant one.  For suggestions for stunning walks in Sussex see my website

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