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Monday, 11 October 2010

A walk up Table Mountain

This is the view of Table Mountain from the garden next to the Parliament building in Cape Town.  The route that we were to take went up one of the gorges in this picture.
From the hotel car park, above, we were bussed to the mountain.
There are two ways up; cable car or walk.
We chose to follow this route, lead by a local mountain guide.
For me, the highlights of this trip were the plants; a selection of which follow.
Insectivorous Sundew plants grew in damp patches on the rocky path up.
Oaks and other non-native trees are covering the lower slopes, crowding out the native plants.  They should be removed.
The Platteclip gorge is not a difficult walk.  It is a relentless series of steps of some 750m / 2,400 ft of ascent.
In the foreground is a wild Pelagonium or Geranium if you use the old name.  There are no frosts here.
Wild Pelagonoum sp.
Nearly at the table top.
What a view, looking towards the Cape of Good Hope.

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