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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Self-lead bush walk, Kariega Game Reserve.

It was fine to walk on one's own in Kariega Game Reserve in the area of the lodges, so we were told.  But having no experience of wildebeests, what do you do when you face off a brute like this, especially when it stamps its foot at you?  This experience, on your own, on foot, is more exciting than riding in a Land cruiser any day.  We stared at each other for quite a while until we decided to avoid staring any more and walk on towards it.  Thankfully it ran away!   Was I relieved!
Here is another.  I supposed that it probably was no more dangerous than a cow in the UK.  But then a few walkers are killed by cows each year in the UK, albeit usually with dogs.  We were happy when this one turned tail and ran off!
Of course, everyone knows that a bull is no problem when it is with a load of females...
...or at least we hoped so.
Zebras are so smartly turned out, that their manners must be impeccable, aren't they?

If there are 100,000 ants in each anthill on the South Downs in England, imagine how many termites must be above.  This was quite a walk, once I got used to the idea that Wildebeests seemed to be more scared of us than I was initially terrified of them.

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