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Monday, 15 March 2010

A walk with Kingston Ramblers, Sunday 14th March 2010

Kingston Ramblers, lead by Mike and Linda set off for a 7 miles circular walk from Epsom Down.
Much of this very pleasant walk was on bridle paths and I was fascinated by this equestrian crossing.
I had never noticed one before.
A fine specimen of evergreen oak.What is remarkable about Surrey, compared to Sussex, is that after 7 miles of walking one's boots are spotlessly clean. No mud, clay, sheep or cow dung and the bridle paths are so well maintained that it is easy to avoid horse dung. Who would believe it?

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EB said...

Love the picture of the boots! Of course it does depend which bit of Surrey: you wouldn't look like that after a walk around us in Horley, or Holmwood Common for instance.

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