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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sinharja Forest

One enormous wasp nest.Tree viper; one of three that our guide found.
We would have never spotted one, even when we walked underneath it.This Ceylon Junglefowl came running up to us out of the jungle for scraps of food. Other species are described as shy. Not this one. It is easy to see how these birds, which are the predecessors of all domestic chickens could so easily have been domesticated.
Another tree viper.
This is a giant squirrel and was massive. They have a head and body length of 25-45cm.
Their tails can be as long or longer.
A beautiful ground orchid.
The transport was appalling.
In our minibus we had to endure 2hr 20mins of constant choking diesel fumes from the vehicle itself to get to this rain forest.
Our lungs must be permanently damaged by black diesel particles deep into our alveoli.
This was a very damaging holiday to our health.
Note also this bald front tire and the gash in the sidewall of the rear tire on this vehicle which HF used.

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